For the best fare in town, head to The Square, our restaurant. A well-balanced meal, equally proportioned in flavour and nutrition is served here. At Rocco’s Arugambay, we believe in fresh, clean, natural food where produce is sourced from the town fair and soon from our own fruit and vegetable garden. These fusion dishes come with a bit of edge to provide you a fulfilling experience.

The Space

At sundown, The Space is the place to be. The cool breeze of the evening, pastel coloured sky and groovy tunes set a funky ambience. The ideal balance of wild and relaxed, it’s the space to be yourself. There’s nothing quite so romantic or satisfying than dining under the stars, with good food and in good company.

Sizzling, delectable bites are served here to complement our select menu of beverages. Say cheers to our range of hip drinks. To get you into your stress-free zone The Space also offers Shisha.