Learn to surf – The island’s surfing capital is in a swirl of thrills. Grab your surfboard and get ready to ride rollicking waves. 

Other popular surfing points are just short distances away for surfing enthusiasts. Another popular surfing destination is the Pottuvil Point, which is a short walk south from Whisky Point along the beach, but a longer drive by road. This point is for those who also want to avoid the crowds and take it easy with the waves.

Further south, about half hour’s drive by tuk is the main point at Arugambay. On a good day you can get rides as high as 5ft. There may be lulls between consistent waves, so a longer stay is ideal to make the most of surfing at Arugambay.

There are in total 10 surfing spots in Arugambay, including Crocodile Rock and Peanut Farm among other notable points. The surfing season commences in April and continues until October.

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